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About Us

SYNERGY CREDIT SERVICES was forged out of the need to balance the playing field when it came to creditors and the credit bureaus. The banking industry can charge you more interest if you don't know how to play their credit game. With our customized service and online portal, we help expedite your file and offer full transparency. Let us help you take back control of your life!

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Success Stories

"I KEPT ON paying my collections off, only to find my credit score dropping. With the help of the professional staff at Synergy Credit Services, I was able to get clarity of why I was being punished for doing the right thing. They custom tailored the program to my needs and helped me understand what steps I needed to take on my own while they worked on my past. After a few months, I can excitedly say I am now a homeowner!"

- Linda J., Firestone CO"

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THERE ARE LAWS that protect creditors from keeping negative items on your credit report. Doing the right thing and paying off collections can typically drop your credit scores. Instead of spinning in circles, we will carefully navigate correspondences to the creditors and credit bureaus on your behalf. We understand how to use your legal rights to maximize results and delete misleading negative trade lines from your credit report.

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Our Process Gets Results

The Initial Consultation - Call 713-422-2030

With your initial consultation with our credit expert, we map out a plan to ensure we expedite your results. Credit is extremely confusing, and we want to personally clear up any confusion or misconceptions. With our roadmap to success, we will help you reach your financial goals as soon as possible.

We Remove Erroneous, Inaccurate Credit Information

Our investigation team will carefully review your file and direct the appropriate correspondence to the creditors and credit bureaus. We use proven legal strategies to remove erroneous and false information. We take all the hard work out of credit repair, we just ask that you work on the positive aspects of your credit that we advise you on.

Enjoy The Benefits of Your Increased Credit Score!

With our online portal you can clearly see where you stand with your credit file. In real time you will be able to see what we are working on and our expert's advice of what you should be working on. Once negative credit trade lines are proven erroneous and removed, your credit score will start to rise quickly.

1) The Initial Consultation - Call 713-422-2030

2) We Remove Erroneous, Inaccurate Credit Information

3) Enjoy The Benefits of Your Increased Credit Score!

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